Dear Sir or Madam:


We appreciate your business support over these years. We sincerely hope that our business relationship will continue to grow with fulfillment and prosperity.


You are well aware of the weaknesses of the trading business- industry-wide price volatility, delayed shipment, demand and supply cyclicity, to mention a few of customers’ main complaints. Have you also thought of the time you and procurement team or trading staffs waste in sending out product inquiries?


Why not register at WTOPharma Exchange Plus- and your procurement team or trading staff can be doing other jobs?


WTOPharma is efficient, reliable, time saving and economical. It is a point for you to meet buyers virtually. It is ultimately the “One-Stop Network” in providing real pricing information on Pharmaceutical raw materials, Intermediates, Herbal Products, Gelatins / Capsules and other newly-developed medications.


WTOPharma is an integrated exchange system, which facilitates sellers and buyers such as traders, manufacturers, distributors and etc. It is simple to use - just state your product, offered price and shipment term. Nothing could be simpler! WTOPharma assists you in handling your multiple selling inquiries.


With our expanding buyer base you are assured of the best price and growing customers. 


In addition, the exchange caters news on medical technologies, diagnosis, medical treatments, diseases etc that provides latest medical information and discovery for the general public and professionals. We have invited and gathered professionals, researchers and specialists to contribute medical articles and issues about their inventions and discoveries.


We invite you to register as one of our regular member and start TRADING today at



Yours faithfully

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