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Dear Sir or Madam


Have you ever thought how much time you and procurement team or trading staff waste in sending out product inquiries and swamped by industry-wide price volatility? Why not register on our WTOPharma Exchange plus and your procurement team or trading staff can be doing other jobs?


WTOPharma Exchange plus is efficient, reliable, time saving and economical. It is a point for sellers and buyers to meet virtually for 24 hours daily and 7 days a week. It is a ONE-Stop Network in providing real time pricing for Pharmaceutical raw materials, Intermediates, Herbal Products and Gelatins. is simple to use - just state your product, desired price and shipment terms. Nothing could be simpler! And with our unique after-sales service contract you are assured of the best price and prompt delivery. assists you in handling multiple sales and purchase enquiries. is a Business - to - Business global Pharmaceutical Exchange System, that purely focuses on a trading concept with a knowledge orientated approach to the information-seeking individuals in the Healthcare industry.


By addressing the industrial concerns, facilitates sellers and buyers such as traders, manufacturers, distributors and etc., to participate in our exchange by posting their product inquiries and budgeted prices. We hope to establish a channel for both parties.


In addition, the exchange caters news on Medical technologies, Diagnosis, Medical treatments, Diseases etc that provides latest medical information and discovery for the general public and professionals. In order to enhance to greater fulfillment, we have invited and gathered professionals, researchers and specialists to participate in providing and comment on various medical articles and issues on their new inventions and discoveries.


We invite you to register and start TRADING today at



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